Delft Tiles Delft Ship Mural 18"x 18" Additional Delft tile designs available Field tiles available Four Calling Birds’ Delft tiles are inspired by historic designs from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Our Delft tiles can be ordered in custom sizes with an assortment of background shades.  Field tiles are available with a variety of border motifs. Small Bird Delft Insets  4” x 4” Drooping Tulip Single Tulip Radiating Tulips Floral Three Tulips 3” Drooping Tulip- Diagonal Single Tulip-Diagonal Large Oxhead Fleur de Lis Tulip Fancy Oxhead Small Oxhead Flower Delft Corners DISF2 DISF1 DISF4 Fleur de Lis  3”x 3” Radiating Tulips 18” x 18” Fleur de Lis 6” tiles 6” x 6” Single Tiles Nativity Jesus and the Centurion Annunciation The Cross Ascension Horseman Flowers in Vase Triple Tulips Whale Clipper Ship Drooping Tulip Single Tulip Polychrome Pomegranate Polychrome Flowers in Vase Single Polychrome  Flower Large Bird Polychrome Grapes Small Bird Rooster Wren Parrot FCB Delft Tiles Sailing Ship Polychrome Pinwheel Flower Artwork Home      Delft Tiles      Tiles      Lamps Tableware Portraits Paintings Tablerunners Mirrors Fireboards Floorcloths About Us Studio & Gallery Contact Us Music      Flying Free      Under a Star      A Thistledown Nest      Wrens in the Thicket      Over the River and Through the Woods      In the Meadow  Individual Tiles  Tile Murals