~Anne, Robbin, and Holly~ Flying Free American Patriotic Collection (2011)      We are excited to introduce Flying Free, our first Patriotic American Music Collection! Featuring uplifting new arrangements of favorite American classics, and the premier of three original, inspiring patriotic vocal pieces written by Robbin and sung by Holly, Flying Free will have your American spirit soaring!  Anne, Robbin, and Holly’s upbeat and heartfelt performances include voice, violin, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, viola, hammered and mountain dulcimers, Irish flute, and drums.      The inspiration for our Flying Free cover design came to Anne as she stood among the hundreds of thousands of American Patriots gathered along both sides of the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial for the “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington D.C. on 8/28/10.  Although attempts to arrange a military fly-over for the rally had failed, in the moments before the program began, a perfect V formation of geese flew low, just above the reflecting pool, for its full length, toward the Memorial.  The crowds gasped and applauded, and someone remarked, “I guess that was God’s fly- over!”      We are grateful to God for our wonderful nation. Founded on His truth and principles, America belongs to each and every American.     1. American Medley     2. USA     3. Yankee Doodle     4. Freedom 5. Battle Cry of Freedom 6. Dixie 7. My Country, ‘Tis of Thee 8. This Is Still America     9. When Johnny Comes Marching Home    10. America the Beautiful                        $16 Mail Order Form Artwork Home      Delft Tiles      Tiles      Lamps Tableware Portraits Paintings Tablerunners Mirrors Fireboards Floorcloths About Us Studio & Gallery Contact Us Music      Flying Free      Under a Star      A Thistledown Nest      Wrens in the Thicket      Over the River and Through the Woods      In the Meadow  Tile Murals  Individual Tiles