~Anne, Robbin, and Holly~ In The Meadow (2000) Celtic and American folk music arranged and performed by sisters Anne, Robbin, and Holly.  Ranging from lighthearted to lyrical, the selections are enhanced by creative combinations of violins, piano, viola, hammered dulcimer, and mountain dulcimer. 1. Galopede 2. The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies, O 3. The Skye Boat Song 4. The Quaker's Wife 5. Von Dieman's Land 6. Devil's Dream 7. The Rigs O' Barley 8. Johnnie Cope 9. The Flowers of the Forest 10. Loch Lomond 11. Haste to the Wedding/ The Irish Washerwoman 12. Mormond Braes 13. Barbara Allen 14. Morpeth Rant/Staten Island 15. Urchnoc Chein Nhic Cainte 16. Tibbie Dunbar 17. Temperance Reel/Drowsy Maggie/Sleepy Maggie 18. Father, I Adore You                     $16
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