Four Calling Birds’ tile murals make wonderful focal points installed in your kitchen and bathroom, or as art framed for the wall. Tile Murals FCB Monochrome Landscape FCB Shower Landscape FCB Stone Mosaic Backsplash Medieval Backsplash Design 18"x 36" Meadow Backsplash Design 18"x 36" Bay Backsplash Design 24"x 36" Fantasy Flower Backsplash Design 18"x 30" Red Tulip Mural Retro Circles 18” x 36” Parrot Tulips Panel (Monochrome) 18”x 18” Parrot Tulips Panel (Polychrome) 18”x18” Clipper Ship Panel 18"x 18" Zinnia Garden Mural 18”x 30” Sea Shell Mural: Shown 18”x 24” Full Design 18” x 36” Artwork Home      Delft Tiles      Tiles      Lamps Tableware Portraits Paintings Tablerunners Mirrors Fireboards Floorcloths About Us Studio & Gallery Contact Us Music      Flying Free      Under a Star      A Thistledown Nest      Wrens in the Thicket      Over the River and Through the Woods      In the Meadow  Tile Murals  Individual Tiles