~Anne, Robbin, and Holly~ Wrens In The Thicket (2002) Creative arrangements of Celtic and American folk music and original compositions by Robbin feature lively rhythms and haunting melodies on violins, piano, viola, hammered dulcimer, and mountain dulcimer. 1. Yester House 2. He Comes Down The Alley 3. Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/ Come A' Ye Tramps and Hawkers 4. Independence Reel 5. The Faerie Queen 6. Night Forest 7. The Mooncoin Jig/ Tenpenny Bit 8. The Mountain Top/ The Glories of Spring/ Dancing on the Green 9. John McNeil/ The High Road to Linton 10. The Meadow's Edge 11. Turnaround Reel 12. Flow Gently, Sweet Afton 13. The White Petticoat/ The Trip to Sligo/ Paddy O'Snap 14. Young Catherine 15. Bittersweet                $16
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